Since 2007, METS has assisted schools with a variety of needs.  Our broad range of programs and service offerings can help your school realize cost savings with your current operations, address school bus driver shortages, improve training and provide you access to pupil transportation experts for consultation or, to fill challenging leadership and technical positions including management, mechanics and more.


Our services include a Candidate Identification Plan™ with all of the tools and messaging to generate applicants from your community, with a vested interest in your district.  METS provides on-campus, on-line and proactive call center activities to produce pre-screened candidates for district hire or, a cost saving METS Contract Employment Program™.


A safe, well trained driver is a happier driver, stays on the job longer and contributes more to the success of your transportation department.  Whether you want to improve training throughout your entire department, address specific topics in your district’s safety meetings, or need a driver trained for your own, in-house department through district employment, we offer a variety of training services utilizing the only training curriculum recognized by the National Association for Pupil Transportation, provided by the School Bus Safety Company.


Our most popular service, the METS Contract Employment Program™ can be applied in a number of ways.  Districts utilize this program for hard to fill individual vacancies in their department, groups of employees such as substitute school bus drivers, all school bus drivers or other strategic implementation within the department to start the path toward cost savings, without the disruption of traditional, clean sweep privatization programs.  More than just a payroll processing service, this comprehensive Human Resource package includes full life cycle employment support to improve the staffing in your transportation department.  Whether it’s the recruiting tools to identify quality candidates, Human Resource experts to improve employee performance, training curriculum provided by the best in the business or the cost savings of this program that free up resources for the classroom, without losing control of your bus fleet, no other organization has more experience than METS with a Contract Employment Program™.

Turn-Key Pupil Transportation Operation

When your school wants to focus on the classroom and turn to pupil transportation experts, METS can provide a complete plan for fleet, routing, staffing and management solutions that are tailored to your existing resources and needs, whether you have an aging transportation infrastructure or are offering pupil transportation to your students for the very first time.

If you would like to learn more about our full menu of programs and services, contact us at 517-647-7765 today.